News Experts Agree: Winter Ideal Time To Buy and Sell Property

Published by Ben on 13th February, 2018

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You will have noticed that there are many experts willing to give an opinion about the property market. With so many specialists and professionals in the industry, it is no surprise to learn that there is often a wide range of opinions on the same topic. This can leave people, and other professionals, unsure of what to do next or who to believe. However, when there is close to universal agreement about an issue or matter, you can be confident that this is something you should do or at least consider.

While spring has traditionally been the busiest time of year in the UK property market, there are strong reasons to consider winter as a good time to be active in the market. The increased level of demand for property in the UK means that there is year-round interest in property. There is also the emergence of online property portals, which means that winter is as good a time as any for buyers to review and search properties.

Winter property market benefits were discussed in the media

This has been the opinion of many experts in recent times, but at the start of 2018, this matter received considerable exposure thanks to Sarah Beeny discussing the positivity around the winter property market. Sarah Beeny is a very familiar face in the UK property market, having been involved in various TV shows and online ventures. Some property market specialists will be envious of the media coverage that Sarah received for comments that they had already made, but this is all part and parcel of “the fame game” and how celebrity works in the UK.

It isn’t worth worrying about who said what, the important thing to realise is that winter is an ideal time to buy and sell property. Whether it is possible to get into the market at the tail end of winter or you are considering the long-term approach for the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019, there are some added benefits available in the winter property market.

Smart homebuyers look to sell in winter

If your home is in excellent condition, winter is the perfect time to place it on to the market. This is because savvy buyers are examining homes in winter to judge their condition at the most challenging time of year. It is easier to cover problems or make a home feel hospitable in summer but in winter, problems come to the fore. If a potential buyer is happy with the condition of a home in winter, they will be more likely to press ahead with their interest. This is why homeowners who are confident in the condition of their home should be active in winter.

Another reason can be found in the fact that some homeowners are not going to place their property onto the market in winter. Many people like to stick with tradition, and in winter, there is a smaller supply of homes in the market. Of course, this is great news for homeowners looking to sell their property because their chances of being seen by a buyer are increased.